Mike Tyson

Michael Gerard “Mike” Tyson  – American professional boxer, performing in a heavy weight category; one of the most famous and recognizable boxers in history. Olympic champion among juniors in the first heavyweight (1982). The absolute world champion in the heavy weight category among professionals (1987-1990). World champion under the versions of WBC (1986–1990, 1996), WBA (1987–1990, 1996), IBF (1987–1990), The Ring (1988–1990). Linear champion (1988-1990). “The most promising boxer” in 1985 according to the magazine “Ring”. The best boxer, regardless of the weight category according to the magazine “Ring” (1987-1989). “Boxer of the Year” according to the magazine “Ring” (1986, 1988). “Boxer of the Year” by BWAA (1986.1988). “Sports Personality of the Year” by the BBC (1989). Foreign Athlete of the Year according to the BBC (1989). The best athlete abroad (1987-1989) according to the BBC. Included in the International Boxing Hall of Fame (2011), the World Boxing Hall of Fame (2010), the Boxing Hall of Fame in Nevada (2013), the Hall of Fame WWE (2012). At the 49th annual WBC convention in Las Vegas, Mike Tyson was listed in the Guinness Book of Records and in a solemn ceremony received two certificates: for the greatest number of the fastest knockouts and for becoming the youngest world champion in heavyweight.

Record holder for the number of awards “event of the year” according to the magazine “Ring”: 4 times received the award: 1995 – Return of Tyson, 1997 – Bite during the fight with Evander Holyfield, 1998 – Restoration of Tyson, 2002 – Scandalous press conference Tyson – Lewis. “The most brutal man in the history of sports” and “The strongest knockout in history” according to the ESPN channel.

Is the owner of several world records, not beaten to this day: the youngest world champion in heavyweight (in 20 years, 144 days); the youngest absolute world heavyweight champion (at 21); the boxer who spent the least time since his debut to win the titles of champion and the absolute world champion in heavyweight (1 year 8.5 months and 2 years 5 months, respectively); the first and only absolute champion to win three main titles one after another; the highest paid heavyweight in history; of the ten most expensive fights in the entire history of boxing, Mike Tyson took part in six; the only one who defended the title of absolute champion (WBC, WBA, IBF) 6 times in a row; the highest number of fastest knockouts (9 knockouts in less than 1 minute); fastest knockout at the junior Olympic games (8 seconds). Also ranks 3rd in the number of victories in battles for the title of the combined champion in heavy weight.

Has three convictions. In 1992 (for rape, sentenced to 6 years in prison, of which he served 3), in 1998 (for beating people who encountered his car; sentenced to 3.5 months in prison) and 2008 (prison day for drug use and driving car intoxicated). At a young age, he also served sentences in children’s colonies. Married to a third marriage. Father of eight children. In 2009, his four-year-old daughter died tragically. She professes Islam and bears the Arabic name Malik Abdul Aziz (English Malik Abdul Aziz). Is vegan.

Founder of the promotional company Iron Mike Promotions. In addition to boxing, Mike is known for his acting career. He took part in writing the screenplay for the autobiographical film “Tyson” (1994), starred in two documentaries “On the other side of fame” (2003) and “Mike Tyson” (2009). In 2016, he starred in one of the main roles of the film Ip Man 3. Nickname – “Iron Mike”.

Born on June 30, 1966, in a city in New York, in Brooklyn, in the Brownsville area. His parents were Lorna Smith and Jimmy Kirkpatrick. However, Mike inherited his last name from his mother’s first husband. His father left the family before the birth of Mike. Mike has an older brother Rodney and an older sister Denise.

He had a very gentle nature and could not stand up for himself. His older brother Rodney and the neighbors’ boys and classmates constantly mocked Mike. Until the age of 10, he was pathologically unable to protect himself. However, at the age of 9-11 years, a change occurred in Mike. One day, a member of a local street gang snatched a beloved pigeon from him and tore his head off. Furious, Mike pounced on his abuser and severely beat him. From that moment on, Mike was respected by the local juvenile gangsters, who accepted him into his company and taught him to climb pockets, steal, and rob stores. This kind of activity led to arrests, visits to correctional facilities for juvenile offenders, during one of which Tyson managed to meet with Muhammad Ali, who came there to talk with difficult teenagers. It was after meeting with Ali, he first thought about the career of a boxer.

At the age of 13, Tyson was sent to a special school for juvenile delinquents, located in the northern part of New York. By this time, he was considered incorrigible and differed in physical strength, which was enormous for his age. At the school where Tyson was identified, former boxer Bobby Stewart worked as a physical education teacher. Once in a punishment cell, Mike announced that he wanted to become a boxer. Stewart agreed to train him on the condition that Mike would not violate discipline. After some time, Stuart signed another agreement with him: the better Mike goes to school, the more Stuart does boxing with him. Tyson, who had previously been considered mentally retarded, was able to significantly improve his performance. At the age of 13, Mike could lift a 100-pound barbell in the bench press. After some time, Stuart realized that his student had already outgrown him, and introduced Mike to the legendary trainer and manager, Cas D’Amato. Cas built a professional team around Tyson: coaches, seconds, massage therapists and others.

Living at Casa D’Amato, Mike looked through a lot of videos with old professional fights and, being impressed by what he saw, chose an image that was rather unusual for those times: he went into the ring without music, without a robe, in simple black shorts and boxers on barefoot leg.

On June 22, 1987, Tyson was arrested on charges of assault and mutilation. He pestered the employee of the paid parking lot, and then hit a colleague who stood up for her. The case was closed after paying them 105 thousand dollars.

1988 was a turning point for Mike: he fired his coach Kevin Rooney and dismissed the whole team, after which his career began to decline. February 9, 1988 Mike Tyson married actress Robin Givens. The following year, February 14, they divorced in the Dominican Republic. Mike Tyson never finished high school. In 1989, together with Don King, University President Arthur E. Thomas awarded him the title of Honorary Doctor of Humanities at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio.

In 1990, Mike abandoned training and began to abuse alcohol. The consequence of this was his defeat by Douglas “Buster” on February 11, 1990 in Japan, which is still considered to be the greatest sensation in boxing history: Douglas winning bets were 42 to 1. In an interview with the American cable channel YES Network, Mike Tyson admitted that that he considers his 1990 fight against Douglas to be the best fight in his career: “I will always say that, in my opinion, this was my best fight, I always put it in the first place. It’s strange, but Cus [D’Amato] always told me: “You have to defeat everyone, you are able to do it, but what happens when they beat you, can you cope with it?” And this fight proved that I can Deal with it”. After this fight, Tyson returned to training and signed up for treatment.

On July 19, 1991, he was accused of raping 18-year-old Desiree Washington, who had the title of “Black Miss Rhode Island”. There were many controversial points in the criminal case, arguing that everything happened “by agreement”, but on September 9, 1991, the Indiana Grand Jury voted to indict Tyson in three articles, including rape. Tyson was convicted on February 10, 1992.

On March 5, 1998, Tyson sued his former promoter Don King, demanding to pay him $ 100 million in compensation for the material damage caused by their joint work. The case did not reach court and was settled for $ 14 million.

He was married three times: the first time on the actress Robin Givens, the second time – on the pediatrician from the medical center of Georgetown University Monica Turner. From June 6, 2009, married to his third marriage to Lakia Spicer. Children: Deamata Kilrain (born 1990), Miki Lorna (born 1990), Reina (born February 14, 1996), Amir (born August 5, 1997), Miguel Leon (born 2002), Exodus (died as a result of case in 2009). Son of Morocco Elijah was born on January 25, 2011.

Tyson’s brother Rodney Tyson is a medical assistant at the Los Angeles Trauma Center at the University of Southern California Medical Center.

Converted to Islam. When changing religion, he got the name Malik Abdul Aziz.

Since 2009 is vegan.

On May 26, 2009, four-year-old Ixodez Tyson, the daughter of Mike Tyson, died in the American city of Phoenix at 11:45 local time. On May 25, she got tangled in the wire from the treadmill when playing at home, and the wire strangled the child. Doctors fought for the life of Ixodes for about a day, but could not save the daughter of Tyson.

At the peak of his career, Tyson had excellent speed, a knockout punch and excellent defense, in this indicator he surpassed most of his opponents.

Tyson used the pick-a-boo style. The style was based on the technique and fighting style of Joe Louis, the “brown bomber”, one of the best mobile punchers in boxing history. The fact that Tyson quickly became the world champion in all versions, and his bright victories speak of a complete technique of this style, and not just Tyson’s talent. In preparing for Tyson, the bitter experience of defeats Floyd Patterson and Joe Frazier against such tall and strong boxers like Mohammed Ali and George Forman was taken into account. The technique and tactics of entering the middle distance and the work at the middle and near distances was brought to perfection, which allowed Tyson to very successfully resist the long-armed high boxers. The technique of movement was also refined – which made it possible to very quickly reduce the distance, combining with the pendulum movements of the body. It was precisely this that Patterson and Fraser lacked in the battles with Ali and Foreman. They barely had enough distance on the “steps”, which allowed the long-legged Ali and Foreman to easily stop their breakthroughs to the middle distance and shoot with long punches. As a result, the legs became more bent and the stand shorter. The pitch was shortened, but it became more frequent – which made it necessary to tighten the back leg and added mobility to the movements. Hands in the peak-a-bu do not hold as in the classics. Both hands are at cheeks, and all blows are made from this position. This position of the hands allows you to make very short envelopes for the defense of the enemy blows at medium and close range and allow you to quickly go into a dull defense. All strokes are made on the slopes and exits of dives. The blow technique is explosive and penetrative. All the strikes in the series are beaten away – there are no test strikes as such.

Tyson perfectly mastered the art of psychological impact on the opponent. Tyson, like Sonny Liston, with one of his views inspired fear to his opponents, which allowed him to gain an additional advantage in battle.