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The recent anniversary of Mike Tyson’s boxing legend

One of the world’s most famous boxers, Mike Tyson, began his professional career on March 6, 1985 at a New York City capital tournament, Albany, USA. The first pro-rival of the 18-year-old American was the Puerto Rican Ector Mercedes. The battle lasted for a minute and 47 seconds and ended with Tyson’s victory with a technical knockout. In the central duel of that evening boxer Kevin Rooney – later trainer Mike Tyson

From the first seconds of the battle, the upcoming king of super heavy weight pounced on his little-known opponent, without giving any chance. Debutant Tyson opposed the opponent, who had already had three matches among the pros – all lost. In the middle of the round, “Iron” scored his opponent with a series of strikes on the corps. He fell down on his knee, after which signalled the referee refusing to continue the fight.

For his first win, Mike Tyson got $ 500 from his managers.

In total, in 1985, Mike Tyson spent 15 fights – all wins ahead of time. Cas D’Amato had time to see the start of the career of his most famous ward. The famous coach died on November 4, 1985.


An ex-boxer attended a cannabis event.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson hangs out at a marijuana festival that organized the YouTube channel B-Real TV. American rapper B-Real created the channel.

Tyson smoked a hefty cant in front of a bunch of cameras.

The event took place in California, where, from January 1, 2019, they allowed to sell marijuana for recreational use.

Iron Mike himself has long been advocating the legalization of marijuana. Earlier it was reported that

Legendary Mike Tyson opened a marijuana growing business

He acquired more than 16 hectares of land in California to grow marijuana.

Mike Tyson wanted to pay 10 thousand dollars to fight a gorilla

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson in his youth wanted to fight with the gorilla. The athlete himself in an interview with The Sun told this story.

The incident occurred in 1986, when Tyson was 20 years old. He strolled through the zoo in New York and drew attention to the cage with gorillas. There, one of the males behaved aggressively towards the others and chased them. Tyson found the director of the zoo and offered him 10 thousand dollars for the opportunity to enter the cage and fight the gorilla in order to “teach him a lesson.” However, the director refused this idea.

Mike Tyson opened a school for farmers

Former boxing world champion Mike Tyson purchased last year’s 16-hole ranch in California. Currently, in addition to the ranch, he has his own school for training farmers.

He teaches how to grow and grow their varieties. The school is called “The Tyson Cultivation School”.

Mike Tyson will also hold a cannabis music festival on his ranch on February 23, since January 1, 2019, a law came into force through which cannabis can be sold for medical purposes. Boxer has long advocated the legalization of the sale of marijuana. Recently, the YouTube B-Real TV channel to the US Hemp Festival invited him.

Age-rebound: Lewis made a sensational statement

The legendary American boxer Lennox Lewis is ready to carry out a rematch against the legendary opponent of Mike Tyson. For this duel, a 53-year-old athlete wants to get $ 100 million.

“You know, I told people that I will take off the 100 million pajamas. So if you’re serious, come, baby, show me a contract,” Lewis cites Daily Mail.

The American ended his career with victory over the legendary Ukrainian, Vitali Klitschko in June 2003, and Tyson left boxing in 2005. It was one of the most resonance news on mike Tyson.


The legend of world boxing Mike Tyson paid tribute to Vasily Lomachenko

Tyson praised the Ukrainian, noting that now he is the number one in this sport.

“I think that the best in boxing now is this Ukrainian guy Lomachenko. He fights very nicely and stylishly, he has great technique. I also like Errol Spence, but still Lomachenko is the best now,” said Tyson.

We will note that Lomachenko will hold his next fight on December 1 or 8. Rival Basil will be the representative of Puerto Rico José Pedraza, who is the WBO World Champion.

Recall that in the last match Lomachenko defeated Jorge Linares. Interestingly, in the event of a victory over Pedraza, Lomachenko will open his way to a meeting with Mikey Garcia, where four championship belts will be on the line.

Mike Tyson called the world’s most powerful motivation

Legendary Mike Tyson is rightfully considered the strongest puncher in history.

Former world boxing champion American Mike Tyson believes that novice boxers who grow up in poverty have more motivation, so these athletes are better.

“I myself lived in slums and wanted to get out of there, out of this poverty. It motivated me. Many other boxers had the same motivation. I believe that the poorer the person, the better he boxes. The best boxers grew up in poverty.

I would not go to MMA if this sport was developed in my time. They pay too little there, and money has always been important for me, ”Tyson quoted the Financial Times.

Mike Tyson poured water on Don King

The legendary boxer could not stand the fact that the promoter patted him on the shoulder as a friend.

An unexpected incident occurred during an event to welcome new members to the International Boxing Glory Hall in Canastote, America.

During the press conference, legendary American heavyweight Mike Tyson splashed water on his former promoter Don King as he passed by.

Tyson commented on this episode like this: “He touched me, patted me on the shoulder. He said that he was supposedly my friend, but in fact it was all idle talk … Today I let go of this situation.”

Mike Tyson may refuse to go to the WBC Congress.

Former absolute boxing world champion Mike Tyson has not yet given a definitive answer as to whether he can attend the WBC Congress in Kiev.

The president of the organization, Mauricio Suleiman, said this at his press conference. He noted that now the American is solving family problems and will give an answer in the near future.

It became clear that he would not come to the Congress, which will be held from September 30 to October 6, the Kazakh ex-world champion Gennady Golovkin.

31 years ago, Mike Tyson sent the toughest knockout of a future drug dealer

31 years ago, Mike Tyson (current record – 33-0, 29 KOs) fought for the first time outside the United States. At an open-air stadium in Tokyo, Mike defended the title of absolute world champion in the heavyweight division for the third time in his career.

Opponent – former WBA world champion Tony Tubbs (24-1, 15 KOs). Tony won the championship belt, winning by decision of the judges in April 1985, American fellow countryman Greg Page (24-3, 19 KOs). However, less than a year later, in a duel against Tim Witherspoon (23-2, 16 KOs), Tubbs lost the title.

Tony went to a fight against Tyson in a not very presentable form. In his 30 years, Tubbs managed to lose his fighting form, weighed 105 kg at the time of the battle with an increase in 182 cm. Actually, such an opponent became a real gift for Tyson. With the help of the almost uninterrupted clinches, Tubbs restrained Iron Mike for almost two rounds, but at the very end of the second three-minute, he missed the hard left side to the chin. Tony led. He backed away and fell, bleeding.

Day in history: Mike Tyson defeated Larry Holmes

On January 22, 1988, the WBC / WBA / IBF World Heavyweight Championship title fight was between Mike Tyson and Larry Holmes.

The fight took place at the Convention Center arena in the city of Atlantic City and ended with the victory of 21-year-old Tyson in the fourth round. Quite interesting is the fact that Mike himself called this fight “revenge for Mohammed Ali”, so the confrontation with the legendary Holmes had a special meaning for him.

Ali himself has repeatedly stated that he will return to the ring and avenge his defeat, but, unfortunately, the Greatest could not translate words into reality. But Tyson kept his word and really destroyed Larry Holmes in the name of his idol.